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The Archisutra

The Archisutra is a design manual giving you the necessary data for a selection of sex positions, using annotated scale drawings and informative descriptions.

The Archisutra raises the question:

How should we design for sex?

This book will teach you:

  • How to Eames It In
  • How to perform The Platform Lift
  • About Human Formwork
  • Prarie Style
  • How to Rohe The Boat

The perfect gift for an architect or designer.

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Amazon Reviews

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My wife is a architect.

Very funny to read together.

— Peter

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Came to the end of our architecture degree made a good gift for my best friend.

— Beatriz

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Great gift for the nerdy architect in your life.

— Jen

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Very hilarious book, when one has architecture background one can enjoy it even more.

— Lilly